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Sat, 29 Jul 2017 13:56:59 -0700

Le samedi 29 juillet 2017, 04:33:19 CEST Andrew Kilpatrick a ¨¦crit :
> Well I discovered that the metronome must be set to a MIDI port of some
> kind before any MIDI clocks will be sent. That seems like a bug... what
> does MIDI clock have to do with metronome?

I can't reproduce this: the metronome seems to be _always_ connected to some 
MIDI device.
Even if I define a device assigned to "No port" and connect the metronome to 
it I still see the MIDI clock.

How exactly are the MIDI devices and metronome configured when you get no 

> - Audio clips don't start when the transport is rewound and then
> played... it is necessary to press play and then rewind.

I confirm this issue.
Another way to get the sound is to press stop then press play again.
I'll create a bug ticket about it.


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