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Wed, 06 Sep 2017 01:38:32 -0700

Hi David,

just looked at the code and there is no obvious error. The structure is 
"unusual" ¨Ēn comparison to the structure of handwritten lilypond files but 
that's no problem. I could process it with the current LP dev version (2.19.65) 
w/o problems (don't have 2.18.2 installed because the dev version is very 
stable and has some features that I have come to depend on ;)

What happens if you enter
   'lilypond rosegarden_tmp_PE5468.ly'
on the commandline (assuming lilypond is in you path and the ly file in the 
current directory)?

If there are issues you should see them on the console. If there are no errors 
then it very likely is no LP problem.

Kind regards,

>     david <gn...@hawaii.rr.com> hat am 6. September 2017 um 09:03 geschrieben:
>     Hi, Michael!
>     Just repeated the test, attaching the Lilypond code.
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