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Thu, 28 Sep 2017 15:21:04 -0700

Hi all,

What I am aiming at is to be able to listen to the midi tracks being played through the korg in the headphones while recording vocal audio tracks through the microphone, but I am having trouble.

I am trying to record audio from a microphone into a track in Rosegarden 15.12. I have the track set to audio, and I have the instrument parameters set to 'in 1' and out to master. The input meter in the instrument parameters shows that signal from the mic is coming in. When I try to record that input onto the track, though, it only records the output of the other tracks, and not the vocal from the mic. These are midi tracks played through a korg keyboard. The keyboard and the mic are coming through the same interface, a scarlet focusrite.

It seemed to me that the 'recording filters' under 'track parameters' might be the place this should be fixed, but both 'device' and 'channel' are grayed out. I'm not sure what to try. Help would be greatly appreciated!



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