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Sat, 30 Sep 2017 08:58:39 -0700

Hi John,

On 30/09/17 17:40, John A wrote:
Hey all,

I have been trying to import wav files recorded in another program, and can't get it done. I go to File --> Manage Audio Files, then click add; I then select the file from the file browser, and get this error:

Failed to add audio file. Bad sound file
file.wav: Failed to convert or resample audio file on import

I am running Rosegarden 15.12. I did some googling, and the best I can tell, this is a bug with certain package versions of Rosegarden, and the packagers are responsible for the fix.

My questions are, is that the case? Is it fixable? Or should I just compile the newest version from source?

I can confirm this problem on a pretty recent version compiled from SVN if the audio file has a *different sample rate* compared to the current jack session. Indeed rosegarden seems to fail the sample rate conversion.
This seems to have been reported here:

On the other hand importing a file with same samplerate as the jack session works flawlessly.

As a work-around you could either try resampling externally your audio file to match the samplerate you use with rosegarden, or vice-versa match the jack samplerate to the desired wave file.


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