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Sun, 12 Nov 2017 20:15:07 -0800

Sending this separately to linux-audio-users and rosegarden-user lists, so apologies in advance if anyone sees it twice.

It's by a fractal music composer, Albrecht Niekamp. The MIDI is generated somehow from fractal images he makes using Fractint and a complex formula framework he created. I don't know how he generates it - perhaps he has his own program that transforms his fractals into MIDI files.

The piece is called Taiko Trance.

I imported it into Rosegarden, found 10 tracks in it, assigned each to a Taiko Drum soundfont I found on the internet and recorded it. You can find it here in MP3 and WAV format, plus his original MIDI file and my Rosegarden project file:


Here's his response to my rendering:

> So sorry, David. I dont recognize my music
> The rhythm is completely gone, the speed is wrong too
> and there is one instrument that does not belong there.
> Even the "syncopated" Hirajoshi scale melody is there
> [when he plays his original composition using his software
> on his system] this has completely vanished in your version.
> Re your remark about surround audio: the phase shifting I applied
> does something very similar - moving voices to rear and front.
> This effect too has vanished.

He listens to his pieces through a "30-year old Marantz 4-channel" system, so I can't duplicate that listening experience if his hardware is adding things to the sound (such as the front/rear positioning).

In subsequent emails, he mentioned an 11th track in the MIDI. As the Rosegarden project shows, I only found 10 tracks.

He's working on uploading a recording of what he hears when he plays his MIDI file using either MS Media Player or Winamp Midi on Windows 10. (According to him, Winamp Midi lets him apply "interactive realtime effects" such as changes in front/rear positioning. So until I hear what he's hearing, I'm lost.)

But I wonder - could someone knowledgeable check the MIDI? From some of the subsequent discussion, I'm wondering if he's somehow got different tempos for each track? (He refers to "phasing patterns"). Or there are other things about his MIDI that Rosegarden just can't handle properly?

What other sequencers could I try on his file?


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