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Mon, 02 Apr 2018 19:21:07 -0700

On 04/02/2018 05:22 PM, rhkra...@gmail.com wrote:

Thanks--at least I know my messages are getting to the list.

I'm very much less active than I used to be, but I still monitor the lists, and I still look out for messages nobody else is answering. I looked back through my inbox, and see no other messages from you. They may be in the list archives, but I didn't get them.

While I'm writing, I may as well let people know what I've been up to lately.

I was a MIDI and notation guy for many years, but then I bought a set of drums. I mostly play drums and guitars now, and I mostly work with audio. I was never a strong reader on guitar, and I didn't spend a lot of time with drum notation either.

My drum recording setup is complicated, and managing the hardware on Linux is a complete nightmare. After 15 years of using Linux exclusively, I finally switched to Windows for audio and video production. Windows is survivable if you just use it for dedicated work like this, and don't install any crap on it.

Beyond all this, I went in with my son to buy a vintage truck. The work we wanted to do required a welder and a cutting torch. Once I had those, I knew it was time to set up the forge I had kept on my bucket list for 20 years. Once I had the forge, I wanted a milling machine to make easier work of making cross-guards for knives. Once I had a mill, I wanted a lathe too. I also got a vinyl cutter so I could make masks for etching lettering and ornamental designs into knife blades.

I was having problems with condensation on my equipment, so I did some research and came up with a solution to the problem. The guy posted his finished project with just a vague outline of how it worked. I gave myself a crash course in Arduino, and put together the Dewbane Condensation Management system. It uses sensors, relays, and heaters to keep my equipment heated above the dew point, so my expensive investment is protected from condensation damage. There has been a little bit of interest in the hobby machinist community, and I may sell a few of these commercially.

So that, in a nutshell, is why I don't have time to develop Rosegarden anymore. I am very grateful to Ted Felix for picking up and carrying the torch.

D. Michael McIntyre

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