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Le  4 avril 2018 ¨¤ 08H42 (-0400)
rhkra...@gmail.com a ¨¦crit :
> At the moment, I can't find the worst example, but this file will be
> enough to give you the idea.  If you view the "line" named "Words" in
> the notation editor, you should see the problem, and if you increase
> the "Spacing" in the notation editor to 220%, you will see that the
> situation improves, but is not completely gone.
> You can also look at the line named "Melody" where I started to also
> add the lyrics in the hope that I could do better--I realized I could
> not and quit.

There are several styles of text in RG. You used text for dynamics
instead of lyrics.
Unlike other text styles, the places of lyrics and notes are
computed in relation to each other when they are displayed in the
notation editor. This should fix your problem.

First you should add the lyrics to the segment on the "Melody" track
because without notes (as on the "Words" track which has only rests) RG
can't display lyrics at the right place.

Next you have to use the lyrics text style.
The better way to insert lyrics is to use the lyric editor from the
notation editor with "View -> Open Lyric Editor".

Some documentation is here:

You may see lyrics in some RG examples as Hallelujah_Chorus or


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