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Wed, 04 Apr 2018 15:44:46 -0700

Le  4 avril 2018 ¨¤ 16H05 (-0400)
rhkra...@gmail.com a ¨¦crit :

> How do you know I used dynamics instead of lyrics?

In the notation editor double click on the text with the selection
tool (or simple click on it with the text tool): this opens a dialog
where you can see the text and it style and change them.

> I don't remember if it was on this song or not, but I have used the
> Lyric Editor (and, then, typically, used the fine spacing feature to
> try to move the lyrics around to try to get them closer to the right
> notes).

With the lyric editor, the lyrics should always been under the right
note. Nevertheless this really works only when the notation is clean.
Notation quantified from a midi file is not always clean.

> (Aside: When I got this file as a MIDI file, the Words line (with the
> words against rests) was already there, as was the Melody line.  I
> started to add the lyrics to the Melody line, but do not recall
> whether I simply inserted text or used the Lyric Editor.)

The "Words" track with text without notes seams typical of karaoke midi
files (sometimes with .kar suffix).
The RG midi importer keeps this text (apparently as if it was dynamics)
but not as lyrics.

> In songs where I used the Lyric Editor, I still had the problem with 
> insufficient space for the lyrics.

Maybe the notation was not clean ?
I frequently got similar problems in the past.
> I don't see a place to specifically choose the "lyrics text style".
> Hmm, maybe in this file I did insert the lyrics with the Text tool
> instead of the Lyric Editor, and maybe that's what you refer to as
> lyrics text style (i.e., the style inserted by the Lyric Editor)?
> (As I said, even with the Lyric Editor there is insufficient space
> for the lyrics.)

Inserting text with the text tool opened the text dialog where the
style can be selected.

> Maybe there are some features in Rosegarden 17 that are not present
> in Rosegarden 12 (the version that I am using because my OS
> supports / supplies this version)?

There should not be such new features related to text.

> Sorry for being obtuse--thanks for any additional help you can offer.
You are welcome.


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