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Mon, 16 Apr 2018 19:39:12 -0700

Latest svn now has standardized mouse wheel behavior for the matrix and
notation editors:

  - Wheel scrolls vertically.
  - Shift+wheel scrolls horizontally.
  - Ctrl+wheel zooms horizontally.

This was feature #445.


If you don't mind building from the latest svn, some testing would be
appreciated.  Things to note:

1. Wheel scrolls vertically, Shift+wheel scrolls horizontally,
   Ctrl+wheel zooms horizontally.  This is pretty much the industry

2. Ctrl+wheel only zooms horizontally.  This seems logical since this
   will mainly be used for dealing with vast amounts of data in the
   horizontal direction.  However, it looks bad on the notation editor.
   Easily changed to h/v zoom.

3. On the notation editor, the new wheel behavior is disabled when the
   pencil tool is active.  This is because the pencil tool uses the
   wheel for selecting a note value.  Seems like it might be worth
   considering how we might combine the two behaviors.  E.g. use
   Shift+Ctrl+wheel to select a note value (this could work in all
   tools) and keep the other wheel behaviors the same.  Or allow
   Shift+wheel and Ctrl+wheel to work at least.  Or something else...


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