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Fri, 20 Apr 2018 06:49:05 -0700

On 04/19/2018 10:24 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
Ok, so from a quick test I think this only happens id you had zoomed in/out by 'scrolling' with the mouse wheel on the zoom box below the matrix (i.e. which changes the zoom square vertical/horizontal all in one scroll), not if you use the vertical scroll wheel on the bottom right. Makes sense?

I traced this back to r10950 and Michael's comment at the time was as follows:

"When changing from big wheel zoom to axis-independent zoom and back, the zoom resets itself. This is mildly unsettling, but it feels like it may well be workable, and it avoids problems trying to scale both axes at the same time after they have moved out of proportion to each other."

So, it sounds like he agrees with you that this shouldn't be the case, but it looks like he was dealing with some sort of unwanted interaction between the two zooms. Armed with this background, I'll have a closer look and see if I can improve things.


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