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Sun, 29 Apr 2018 12:29:05 -0700

To Rosegarden Community:

Apologies if this isn't the correct mailing list for my inquiry because I
think this is in the playing field. It is, however, a deep and
sophisticated question. Please allow me a quick introduction!

Becoming aware of Rosegarden has led me to an experience like none other.
However, for better or worse, I've taken the experience of applying all of
its faculties and theory, without the use of its the GUI. How so? This will
serve as my musical profile... I compose my scores with Lilypond. I
experiment with orchestrations by using Pure Data and hope to annotate my
decisions with Csound*.

I actually moved to Linux because of this software. The reason for learning
the computer language of other is due to how Rosegarden handles audio
files: Rosegarden will at times require the encoding of Audacity while
still making additional Audacity files after the fact. I find this to be
data intensive and time consuming.

Even still, Rosegarden is very good at facilitating the mode of production
I am using. I believe may be inspired (with this writing) to learn Csound
without it's GUI, because of the ability in Rosegarden to export Lilypond
.ly files into Csound .sco files! Who would think one's session management
could be any more consistent with this application?

I have come to appreciate Rosegarden for its "environment", rather than
interface and in respect to this, I want to learn more about the way it
functions. Please refer to my subject heading for what inspired this
interest of mine. Also, feel free to ask in detail. However, my question
is: what is the best way to do this?

Perhaps I can learn some of the common bugs in my pursuit if I find a
direction worth pursuing. It really is a matter, for me, to knowing where
to look into the skeleton of Rosegarden's features. So when I begin this
endeavor, do I look at the entire source code or rather, keep it as
reference once I have read the configuration files? Again, I love this
software but my use for it (rather than inspiration) would be the
shallowest of shallow purposes...

Warm Regards,


p.s. I recently built Csound from source, after finding that the lib files
from my build tree were missing. It's how I figured out it hadn't been
installed- a boost of confidence to analyzing Rosegarden, for most certain.
Thank you...

Joseph Davenport
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