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Wed, 20 Jun 2018 06:29:12 -0700

On 06/20/2018 09:09 AM, Jogchum Reitsma wrote:
The ports remain to be correct after loading the example files.

Sounds good then. Must be something wrong with Timidity. I don't use Timidity as I found it rather unstable in the past. Might be better now?

A preempt kernel on Tumbleweed is not easy, because TW itself doesn't provide one, and with sometimes two or three kernel updates each week it's cumbersome to keep them in sync if you build your own kernel.

Testing distros like Tumbleweed are definitely not something I would fool with. RG is a fringe app, so it's unlikely it will work in cutting-edge distros.

You made a very thorough description of installing midi-related software in your tutorial! Still I don't get RG to work on TW correctly after reading and applying it.

I'm curious at what point did things not work? Did fluidsynth come up OK and play a MIDI file directly? What about JACK?

But I did manage to get RG working on my son's laptop, and that is what was important to me; he needs it for his piano lessons.

  Hope he enjoys.

So I'd say, thanks a lot!, and lets not waste your time on getting it to work on TW.

Yeah, probably not worth it for me. However, it would be awfully nice if someone put together some tests for RG on Tumbleweed. Again, we're pretty fringe, though.


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