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On 09/10/18 15:25, Ted Felix wrote:
On 10/08/2018 03:04 PM, nocom wrote:
I drag and drop a file into a running rosegarden. But it asks whether I want to save a changed file.

? This can be changed by adding the following line to the end of RosegardenMainWindow::createDocumentFromMIDIFile():

 ? newDoc->clearModifiedStatus()

? ...and deleting the unnecessary call to slotDocumentModified() in that routine.

? However, there is a use case where the current behavior is helpful. If someone is converting a MIDI file to .rg, they will want a warning that they forgot to save.

I think this is the standard behaviour (e.g. think importing a wave file in Audacity or Ardour...). I think the OP's use case really calls for some 'mass converter' midi to Rosegarden .rg tool - maybe from the command line...? :)


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