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Wed, 31 Oct 2018 20:06:32 -0700

Thank you for the feedback, Konstantin and Darin.

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 1:52 AM Darin Adler <da...@apple.com> wrote:

> With a few seconds thought I am thinking that maybe UTF8Conversion.h or
> UTF8Transcoding.h are possible better ideas for new names. Neither is
> completely accurate. If we were going to add the word ¡°helpers¡± than I
> would say UTF8Helpers.h, but I really don¡¯t like those kinds of word in
> header names (¡°utilities¡±, ¡°helpers¡±, ¡°functions¡±, ¡°classes¡±).

Sounds good. I take UTF8Conversion.h.

> A separate issue once we rename: the header is also pretty old and crufty.
> Eventually we might want to remove or refine the functions in here. Not
> sure how widely they are used.

 There are 8 functions in the header.

Following 2 functions are used only in

* UTF8SequenceLength
* decodeUTF8Sequence

Following 3 functions are used only in WTF/wtf/text/AtomicStringImpl.cpp

* calculateStringHashAndLengthFromUTF8MaskingTop8Bits
* equalUTF16WithUTF8
* equalLatin1WithUTF8

Following 3 functions are widely used

* convertUTF8ToUTF16
* convertLatin1ToUTF8
* convertUTF16ToUTF8

Any suggestions are welcome to improve.
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