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Hello. First of all I'm really sorry if this is the wrong mailing list to post 
to, webkit-help would have probably been better but it doesn't seem very active.

I run into some problems while trying to use the dump-class-layout script 
(found in Tools/Scripts/). I built WebKit using the build-webkit script with 
the --debug flag.

After building, I tried to run the dump-class-layout script with the following 

./Tools/Scripts/dump-class-layout --architecture=x86_64 -c Debug JavaScriptCore 

I also tried different frameworks and classes. The script always fails telling 
me that "no type matches x in y" where x is the class name I used in the run 
and y is the framework name.

Why is this happening? The script is correctly finding the built and 
symbolicated framework image, so why is it not working properly? Thanks in 
webkit-dev mailing list

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