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Mon, 05 Nov 2018 07:05:43 -0800

Hi Simon, thanks for your help. I am running the script on macOS Mojave 10.14 
and I'm pretty sure I have the lldb python bindings installed. Or otherwise it 
should fail when importing them at the beginning of the script, right? From 
what I understood by reading the script's code, it is directly calling into the 
lldb binding to dump the class layout, and it's failing inside.

As I've said before, the error it gives me implies that the provided 
framework/class pair has not been found in the image, even though I am sure 
that the pair is valid and found in the image (e.g. JSC::JSString).
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Inviato: luned¨¬ 5 novembre 2018 14:17
A: Frank Jaeger
Cc: webkit-dev@lists.webkit.org
Oggetto: Re: [webkit-dev] dump-class-layout script not working

Dump-class-layout uses the lldb python bindings. Maybe those are not available 
on your platform?

I think we¡¯ve only ever tried it on macOS. What platform are you trying on?


On Nov 4, 2018, at 12:43 PM, Frank Jaeger 
<fjaege...@outlook.com<mailto:fjaege...@outlook.com>> wrote:

Hello. First of all I'm really sorry if this is the wrong mailing list to post 
to, webkit-help would have probably been better but it doesn't seem very active.

I run into some problems while trying to use the dump-class-layout script 
(found in Tools/Scripts/). I built WebKit using the build-webkit script with 
the --debug flag.

After building, I tried to run the dump-class-layout script with the following 

./Tools/Scripts/dump-class-layout --architecture=x86_64 -c Debug JavaScriptCore 

I also tried different frameworks and classes. The script always fails telling 
me that "no type matches x in y" where x is the class name I used in the run 
and y is the framework name.

Why is this happening? The script is correctly finding the built and 
symbolicated framework image, so why is it not working properly? Thanks in 
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