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Tue, 04 Dec 2018 13:33:01 -0800

> 4 է֧. 2018 .,  11:21, Ryosuke Niwa <> ߧѧڧѧ():
> e.g.
> <>
> Is there a way we can integrate CAPTCHA, etc... to prevent these spammers 
> from getting Bugzilla account?

We can integrate CAPTCHA, but based on how the spammers operate, it seems 
unlikely that it would help much. As far as we could find, other Bugzilla 
instances haven't solved this either.

Many of the spam comments look like they were written by humans who skimmed the 
comments above, and there were a couple where the comments looked quite 
convincing at first glance. And the registration process includes sending a 
confirmation link to their e-mail account, which is Gmail most of the time. So 
it's already taking more dedication than passing a CAPTCHA would require.

What I would want to know is what lures spammers to bugzilla. Perhaps we can 
find a way to decrease page rank or whatever makes it a 
valuable target.

- Alexey

> - R. Niwa
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