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Fri, 07 Dec 2018 14:47:13 -0800


Do we still need separate WebCorePrefix.h and config.h? The former has this 
comment, which I don't think is true any more:

/* This prefix file should contain only:
 *    1) files to precompile for faster builds
 *    2) in one case at least: OS-X-specific performance bug workarounds
 *    3) the special trick to catch us using new or delete without including 
 * The project should be able to build without this header, although we rarely 
test that.

/* Things that need to be defined globally should go into "config.h". */

There are many things that contradict this comment in this file. And even when 
precompiled header is not in use, we include WebCorePrefix.h from config.h 

// Using CMake with Unix makefiles does not use prefix headers.
#include "WebCorePrefix.h"

I'm mostly looking at some HAVE and ENABLE macros that are in these and should 
be elsewhere, but the confusion between these files bothers me a lot. Should we 
move everything from config.h to WebCorePrefix.h, and only keep config.h just 
to include WebCorePrefix for the lone build scenario where that's needed, and 
to undef new/delete?

- Alexey

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