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free online bettingTue, 15 Jan 2019 11:52:22 -0800

Hi everybody,

I¡¯d like to verify whether there¡¯s any specific reason that the 
LayoutTests/sputnik directory continues to exist.

According to Wikipedia, ¡°All current Sputnik tests have been incorporated into 
ECMA's Test262 test suite.¡± (Here ¡°current¡± evidently means June 2011.) And 
indeed, when making fixes to address Test262 failures in JSC, it¡¯s quite 
awkward to have to update the Sputnik expectations to reflect any new 
¡°failures¡±¡ªparticularly given that it¡¯s not sufficient to simply build JSC in 
order to run them.

Would anyone object to a patch deleting this directory outright? The only 
concern that occurs to me is that Test262 is not currently integrated into EWS.

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