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Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:57:06 -0800


I'm working on rebasing our downstream webkit port; I just pulled down recent 
webkit changes (since July '18) and I hit a piece of code that's failing to 
compile in Visual Studio 2017.  When I look at the code however, I'm not sure 
how it compiles on any compiler, or if it compiles, how it's safe.

This is from Source/WebCore/html/canvas/WebGL2RenderingContext.cpp -

    int numValues = 0;
    m_context->getInternalformativ(target, internalformat, 
GraphicsContext3D::NUM_SAMPLE_COUNTS, 1, &numValues);

    GC3Dint params[numValues];
    m_context->getInternalformativ(target, internalformat, pname, numValues, 
    // On desktop OpenGL 4.1 or below we must emulate glGetInternalformativ.

Visual Studio doesn't like it because it won't instantiate an array without a 
const size.  On the other hand, even if it compiled, passing an array with 0 
size doesn't make a lot of sense, to receive parameters back, which appears to 
be the intent of the code.

The file is associated with WebGL2, but it's added to the build in the 
ENABLE_WEBGL block in WebCore/CMakeLists.txt.
WEBGL2 is off by default (per WebKitFeatures.cmake) so I assume the code could 
not be invoked without enabling WEBGL 2.

Am I looking at unfinished code that magically compiles with gcc/llvm/etc. (non 
Visual Studio)?


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