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free online bettingThu, 20 Dec 2018 13:53:01 -0800

Hi folks!

I announce that I, Michal Ma¨˛?ov (KuboF Hromoslav), have today the December
20 2018 resigned from the position of chair of WUG Wikimedians of Slovakia.

The reason is my will to focus more on the WUG Esperanto and Free Knowledge
and to work more effectively. More details and some historic background is
(in Slovak) on the blog of Wikimedians of Slovakia [1].

The rest of the board is now:

   - Radoslava Semanov¨˘ (vice-chair)
   - Matej Grochal (member of the board)

The next opportunity to elect someone to the board is going to be on the
next Generally Assembly, which is going to happen in the first 3 months of

Good luck, and thanks for all the fish!


Michal Mat¨˛?ov (User:KuboF Hromoslav)
Wikimedians of Slovakia
co-founder, former chair
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