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Fri, 04 Jan 2019 04:09:41 -0800

Samuel Klein <meta...@gmail.com> escreveu no dia ter?a, 1/01/2019 ид(s)

> Dear Kiril, I assume you mean these lovely experiments by Shared Knowledge:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Videos_from_the_Republic_of_Macedonia
> They are lovely, and look like they are now in use.  I like specific
> examples like these; was there any description of the project afterwards
> covering its welcome, the steps towards its inclusion, notes for future
> research groups tackling similar projects in the future?

you have a number of videos that were produced by the Wikimedia Community
UG Brazil to illustrate mathematical concepts, many of them awarded as
Quality and Valuable content for Wikimedia Commons. I believe all of them
are in use as well.

I've seen some resistance from the Wikipedia community against content like
this, as some people see it as a promotional tool for universities and
research institutions. Personally I don't see nothing wrong with win-win
situations as those "promotions" where valuable content is produced by
universities and donated to us, but not all people look at it this way.

A dedicated Draft-Wiki, like [test] but for text and media, with much
> simpler standards for structure, sourcing, and metadata [perhaps combined
> w/ incubator?]  would be a simple and welcome solution.

+1 on the Draft Wiki, it would be great to have a safe environment to play,
but allowing the final result to be imported into Wikipedia or other
Wikimedia projects.

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