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Mon, 07 Jan 2019 07:01:51 -0800

Dear fellow Wikimedians,

We are happy to announce our plans to engage Wikimedia communities in the
strategic and structural reform discussions of our global movement. The
Movement Strategy Process requires input and participation from all of our
communities and we are looking for Liaisons for the Movement Strategy
Process to engage with some language communities and facilitate their
participation in global strategic discussions. Liaisons will ensure that
the voices and perspectives of these communities are heard and considered
in the Movement Strategy Process and that members of these communities
actively engage and participate in the discussions in their own language.

Based on criteria of reach of the language, projects, as well as existing
editor base, the Core Team has identified the following language
communities for further engagement and will be hiring a Strategy Liaisons
for each:[1]: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese,
Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The Liaisons are expected to: engage with the communities in their native
language; coordinate and facilitate discussions; support healthy
communication; provide details and context when needed, and monitor
different communication channels of the communities to surface ideas
related to the Strategy Process. Liaisons will be expected to identify
opportunities where the ongoing Movement Strategy Process discussions can
benefit and solicit ideas from interested community members. Liaisons will
also be expected to summarize the most important discussion points,
coordinate translations of these summaries to share them with Liaisons
Coordinator, Working Groups and wider global community.

Ideal candidates will have  a good connection with the local communities,
strong communication skills, fluency in English and one of the nine
identified community languages as well as organizational and collaborative

The Liaisons positions will be part time (up to 20 h/week) and will be in
place from February to December 2019. If you are interested in the role or
would like to have more information, you can find the full description of
the role on respective application page
<> [2].

Please note that we are also  recruiting for a full-time Liaisons
Coordinator to ensure  engagement of the communities in the Movemement
Strategy Process and manage the work of the  Strategy Liaisons. You can
find the full description of this role on respective application page
<> [3].

We look forward to collaborating with many of you in the upcoming year and
working with the Strategy Liaisons to engage  our communities in the
Movement Strategy Process. If you have any questions or specifications
regarding the role, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Project
Manager Jodi McMurray ( jmcmurray{{at}} ).

With all the best wishes,

Kaarel and the Core Team

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*Kaarel Vaidla*
Process Architect for
Wikimedia Movement Strategy
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