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Mon, 07 Jan 2019 16:12:29 -0800

Fae, I have a number of points of contention with WMF, but at least as far
as the strategy process is concerned WMF has done a few things that no one
was forcing it to do such as being willing to discuss how money is
collected and distributed, and Kaarel has been diplomatic in my
communications with him. I'm fine with asking difficult questions about the
strategy process, but I'm willing to extend an assumption of good faith to
the process. If I could make changes happen magically then I would like for
the strategy groups to be far more weighted to volunteers than staff, but I
also recognize that it's difficult to get volunteers for the large time
commitment that WMF is asking of the strategy groups, and I'm not sure that
I could do a much better job than Kaarel and Nicole are doing at the
moment. I suggest that a slightly more diplomatic tone would be good if you
want people to respond to your questions. I can't force you to take this
suggestion, and I've certainly been unhappy with other WMF actions, so I
can only explain here why I'm willing to extend an assumption of good faith
to this particular process and would encourage you to think about doing the
same. If the strategy process starts to go in ways that I dislike later,
I'll think about what to do then, but for now I think that AGF and civility
are the way to go with regards to this process.

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