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Thu, 10 Jan 2019 05:08:45 -0800

Hello everyone,

We are now recruiting projects to promote in Google Summer of Code 2019 and
Outreachy Round 18!

Both these programs have a similar timeline for the summer round. Accepted
candidates will work with mentors from May to August 2019.

Through both these programs, we bring new contributors to Wikimedia
technical projects. Browse through Outreach programs
<> to learn more.

Earlier we promote the projects, better it works out for everyone. Students
get enough time to prepare their application, organization administrators
to do ample outreach and mentors to find a strong candidate for their

If you are interested in mentoring a project, create a task on Phabricator
and tag it with #outreach-programs-projects
<> and
#Google-Summer-of-Code (2019) or #Outreachy (Round 18). You can also choose
to mentor for projects already on outreach-program-projects
workboard. Remember, every project must have two mentors. Learn more about
the roles and responsibilities of a mentor

To get some idea of the nature of projects, see the completed Google Summer
of Code and Outreachy projects from last year

Help us spread the word about Wikimedia's participation in these programs
and looking forward to your participation! :)


*Derick, Pratyush and Srishti (Wikimedia org admins)*
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