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That sounds like an incredible opportunity, Victoria. It was great working with 
you here and hope to cross paths again!


Traci Sigmon (she/her)
Senior Recruiter
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> On Jan 10, 2019, at 6:29 PM, Victoria Coleman <vcole...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have some difficult news to share.
> A few months ago and completely out of the blue, an opportunity came up for 
> me to exercise the full spectrum of my skills as the CEO of an early stage 
> mission oriented startup. It has been a mighty struggle between my commitment 
> to my team, the Foundation and  the movement and this opportunity to bring 
> all my skills to bear and build something from the ground up to do good in 
> the world. I will not lie to you - it has not been easy. But ultimately I 
> decided that I have to give it a go and I accepted the offer. I plan on 
> starting there on Feb 4th so my last day at the Foundation will be Feb 1st.
> These past two years have been amongst the most enjoyable in my professional 
> career. Ive enjoyed getting to know the movement and what fuels it and Ive 
> been incredibly privileged to work with a Tech team like no other. We have 
> together strengthened the technical infrastructure of the movement and while 
> much work remains to be done we have a much stronger team in place to take 
> the mission to the next level. And I have personally made friendships that 
> will last a lifetime. 
> The organization I will be moving to is Atlas AI, a public benefit 
> corporation supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. I will be leading an 
> exceptional team of AI and earth system science experts striving for 
> improvements in human well being through data driven insights. Our focus 
> areas are drawn from the UNs sustainable development goals of no poverty and 
> zero hunger with emphasis on Sub Saharan Africa.
> I leave behind a Technology department that I am certain is well on the way 
> to achieving our vision to create the infrastructure for the free knowledge 
> movement. I am also pleased that during my tenure, we have built leaders who 
> are equipped to take on this challenge. 
> Erika Bjune will be serving as interim CTO. Erika joined us a little over two 
> years ago and she has distinguished  herself as one of the finest people 
> leaders I have ever worked with. Both she and Katherine will have my ongoing 
> support  I will stay on in a consulting role to Erika on organizational 
> matters and for the mid term planning work we have ahead of us in the 
> remainder of the fiscal year.  I know that I am leaving the Tech team in good 
> hands until a permanent CTO is hired. 
> I want to close this difficult message with my heartfelt thanks to all of you 
> for letting me be part of this incredible movement. Being a Wikimedian is a 
> great privilege. I wanted you to know that Im not walking away from 
> something; I am walking towards  something that is very  important to me and 
> the world. I will miss you all. Deeply. Truly. And a lot!
> Victoria
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