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Thu, 24 Jan 2019 10:11:36 -0800


I seem to recall some OTRS tickets recently sent warning about it. Should
they be forward to any address in particular, in case they keep coming in?


John Bennett <> escreveu no dia quinta, 24/01/2019
ид(s) 14:02:

> Hello,
> In order to keep the community informed of threats against Wikimedia
> projects and users, the Wikimedia Security team has some information to
> share.
> Malware installed via pirated contented downloaded from sites such as the
> Pirate Bay can cause web browsers compromised by the malware to create a
> fake donation banner for Wikipedia users. While the actual malware is not
> installed or distributed via Wikipedia, unaware visitors may be confused or
> tricked by it's activities.
> The malware seeks to trick visitors to Wikipedia by looking like a
> legitimate Wikipedia banner asking for donations. Once the user clicks on
> the banner, they are then taken to a portal that leads them to transfer
> money to a fraudulent bitcoin account that is not controlled by the
> Foundation.
> The current version of this malware is only infecting Microsoft Windows
> users at the time of this notification. To date, the number of people
> affected is small. The fraudulent accounts have taken approximately $700
> from infected users. However, we strongly encourage all users to use and
> update their antivirus software.
> Additional details and a screenshot of the fake donation banner on can be
> found at [0]
> [0]
> Thanks,
> John Bennett
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