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Thu, 24 Jan 2019 20:10:44 -0800

Hello John,

I thought about it too, in a slightly different angle, and maybe it is really 
not a bad idea.

What I thought was more for people who are here for a while (maybe those who 
have been around for 2+ years, 5000 edits, whatever). More of a motivation for 
the older worn out contributors.[1]

I don't know what the 'bounty' could be, maybe something tangible or valuable 
in RL (tshirt, products, cake, draw to win stuff), or maybe something that is 
more than a barnstar but still digital. I prefer the latter for efficiency 
reasons, hence let me elaborate a tiny bit on that:

It could be something like an automated point system that is attached to a user 
account. Something like a scorecard that is not editable by users, but is 
visible as part of the account, automatically updated in the backend by the 
system or a special authorised bot. Something of that sort.

Just my thoughts...

[1] I've been around since 2008, and worked in many parts of Wikipedia and 
Commons. As real life gets more hectic for me, my motivation to edit is 
starting to vary widely, as while there are sooo many things to do in the 
wikiverse during my free time, there aren't any solid milestones you could 
focus on each day. You open a random backlog, and there's an endless ocean of 
work which if you attend 1 or 10000 requests, it doesn't really matter to the 
contributor itself. More like starting to mop a vast room-less floor.

Yours truly,

Rehman Abubakr (Roy)<>

OTRS agent, Admin (English Wikipedia, Commons), Contributor (Wikidata, Meta)
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From: Wikimedia-l <> on behalf of John 
Erling Blad <>
Sent: 25 January 2019 05:25
To: Wikimedia Mailing List
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Bounties¡­

Both in Wikipedia and other parts of the Wikimedia-universe there are
a lot of jobs that should be done, but are not so popular. Because
they are not done, people get tired and backs away from whatever they
are doing.

I could give several examples, but lets say spellchecking. It is not
fun doing spellchecking, even if you are spellchecking something
written by a professor. Instead of doing spellchecking you do
something else, like poking around in some code, or write about
Pokemon. While you do so the professor gets a bit annoyed over the not
so perfect article, and starts to wonder what happen to the crowd in

Somewhere along the way the it became so bad to talk about anything
except the pure wikipedian sitting on top of his pillar with a book
and a computer, writing articles in solitude, that we completely
missed the opportunities to get a much larger momentum.

The Norwegian Bokm?l Wikipedia has over a half a million articles.
About 10 % lack sources. Nearly all of them has spelling errors. It is
nothing unusual about this.

Could we use bounties to get some momentum?

John Erling Blad

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